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Free Information To Help You Find Gold In WA

How to Use The Free Information in Metal Detecting WA 

to Find Gold.

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What is in the Free Data for Mineral Districts:

Yalgoo Mining Centre Locations

Mining Centre Locations in the Mining District

The free pages access Lists the Mining centre Locations in the Mining district Locality - in this case Yalgoo.

These will be added to as Mining District Pages are added.

Currently your free access includes a description of where the location of Mining Centres are ;

·         Cue Mining District.

·         Day Dawn Mining District.

·         Mt Magnet Mining District.

·         Yalgoo Mining District.

Yalgoo Mining Centre ow to get to Yalgoo from Perth or Geraldton

Location of the Mining District Main Town and Local Data

  • How to get to the main town in the Mining District .
  • Lists the Main Towns in the Mining District
  • Lists the Ghost Towns in the Mining District
GOLDtracker Traveler

Provides an Overview of the History of Gold Discoveries in the Area and Gold Geology.

You will get a good overview of the historical data of gold being found in the area.

You will also be provided with a broad overview of the Geology that gold is found in the area.

The membership upgrade for the Mining centres goes much deeper into showing you where the gold is found and the local geology it is found.

Without the huge learning curve about where to go or what is allowed.


Metal Detecting WA Locations Membership Site...

...Murchison Yalgoo Districts is Now Available.

..The "Free Info Membership" Pages Provides Free Information for you About Locations for Metal Detecting in WA

    How does an UPGRADE to the Metal Detecting WA Membership site show you where to find gold.

    • - Learn where the gold mining centres are and with mudmaps to get to each centre.

    • - Understand exactly where gold is found in each mining Centre.

    • - No need to research the Geology we have done that for you and show you where the gold is located

    • - We show you where the historical Gold Mines are with a file you can use in Google Earth to locate them.

    • - We show you where the Alluvial gold was found.

    • - Gold reported by graticular block are shown so you can target the EXACT graticular block to find gold.

    • - Historical gold information and goldmines are shown so you have the knowledge of where gold has been targeted .

    • - You wont need to guess how to get to a Mining centre or the best places to find Gold - we show you.

How to Get Charter Membership of the Metal Detecting WA Membership Site

Murchison Yalgoo Mining Districts

Watch the Video and Click Above - You can upgrade when you Access the Free Information pages that you signed up for.

Your Charter Member Metal Detecting WA (Murchison and Yalgoo Mining Districts) Special Offer 

$67 annual Membership - expires when the timer hits zero or 200 charter members are signed up.

What Does that Mean?

During the Launch the Metal Detecting WA membership site is heavily discounted to Charter members !

After we achieve our Starter Charter membership or the timer hit zero the price will revert to $17 per month or $147 per annum .





What do Charter Members get in the Upgrade to the Metal Detecting WA Membership Site?

All The Data in the Membership Pages  for Murchison and Yalgoo Districts

You will have immediate access to ALL THE DATA in Murchison and Yalgoo Mining Districts

  • Murchison Yalgoo Mining districts consist of these Mining Centres:

    ·         Cue Mining Districts - Big Bell and Coodardy, Cuddingwarra. Cue. Harris Find, Mindoolah .Mulga-Mulga. Reedys and Culculli, Tuckabianna and Eelya Hill, Tuckanarra.

    ·         Day Dawn Mining District - Day Dawn, Pinnacles. Webbs Patch and Hill End. Mainland. The Island (Austin)

    ·         Mt Magnet Mining District.- Blackmans Find. Boogardie. Lennonville, Mount Magnet .Moyagee. Mount Magnet East (Paynesville)

    ·         Yalgoo Mining District - Bilberatha. Carlaminda. Fields Find. Gullewa, Kings Find, Messengers Patch, Mount Gibson. Mugga-Mugga. Noongal. Paynes Find, Pinyalling. Rothsay, Wadgingarra. Warriedar. Yalgoo, Yuin.

  • Downloads of Google KML File of Historical Goldmines Locations and Production figures including alluvial and Dollied. Use it on Google Earth

  • Link to a GeoView Project for the Mining District you can open it in GeoView and explore more Detailed Information - like;

    • Native Heritage areas,
    • A Class reserves
    • Other land Uses, such as Freehold land.
    • Pastoral Lease boundaries,
    • Cadastre,
    • Different geological maps and data.
    • Wamex ( WA Mining and Exploration) reports.
    • Mines and data about gold deposits.
  • Metal Detecting WA Membership Pages Include

    When you upgrade to full Metal Detecting WA Membership you will get access to:

    • Gold Location Information for every Mining Centre in the Murchison Cue, Murchison Day Dawn, Murchison Mt Magnet and Yalgoo Mining Districts..

    • That’s around 36 Mining Centres’ with information to help you get there and target gold Locations.  

    • Location and Mud Maps to get to every Mining Centre.

    • Location of alluvial and scrape detect areas.

    • Hints on where to look for gold in the area.

    • Micro Geological maps to show you where the gold is found and geology to target.

    • Historical data and location of old gold mines to see where gold was found historically.

    • Gold Discovered by Graticular Blocks to see exactly which graticules gold was found and how much in that has been found.

    Some Training 

    If you are new to gold prospecting in West Australia we have some training on our GoldtrackerApp site that might help you

    The Links are provided here for your information.

    The training is useful as it helps understand how GOLDtracker App is used to ;

    • Help you understand Where Gold is found, the Geology and how GOLDtracker scores the 4 key criteria to find gold in WA.
    • Help you understand the Rules relating to finding Gold in WA and How GOLDtracker App shows you the Tenements in WA
    • How GOLDtracker shows you where you are in the field on your Mobile Device

    First Training

    Who We Are, Why we can help you find Gold...

    Second Training

    Where to Find Gold...

    Third Training

    Where am I Allowed to Find Gold...

    Know the Locations to Find Gold

    The truth is - finding new ground

    is the key to finding more gold.

    The Metal Detecting WA Membership Site Analyses Mining Districts and Mining Centres. Why Guess?