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Metal Detecting WA Locations Membership Site..

Murchison Yalgoo Districts Now Available.

    How does an UPGRADE to the Metal Detecting WA Membership site show you where to find gold.

    • - Learn where the gold mining centres are and with mudmaps to get to each centre.

    • - Understand exactly where gold is found in each mining Centre.

    • - No need to research the Geology we have done that for you and show you where the gold is located

    • - We show you where the historical Gold Mines are with a file you can use in Google Earth to locate them.

    • - We show you where the Alluvial gold was found.

    • - Gold reported by graticular block are shown so you can target the EXACT graticular block to find gold.

    • - Historical gold information and goldmines are shown so you have the knowledge of where gold has been targeted .

    • - You wont need to guess how to get to a Mining centre or the best places to find Gold - we show you.

All Data in The Murchison and Yalgoo Mining Centres

You will have immediate access to ALL THE DATA in Murchison and Yalgoo Mining Districts

  • Murchison Yalgoo Mining districts consist of these Mining Centres:

    ·         Cue Mining Districts - Big Bell and Coodardy, Cuddingwarra. Cue. Harris Find, Mindoolah .Mulga-Mulga. Reedys and Culculli, Tuckabianna and Eelya Hill, Tuckanarra.

    ·         Day Dawn Mining District - Day Dawn, Pinnacles. Webbs Patch and Hill End. Mainland. The Island (Austin)

    ·         Mt Magnet Mining District.- Blackmans Find. Boogardie. Lennonville, Mount Magnet .Moyagee. Mount Magnet East (Paynesville)

    ·         Yalgoo Mining District - Bilberatha. Carlaminda. Fields Find. Gullewa, Kings Find, Messengers Patch, Mount Gibson. Mugga-Mugga. Noongal. Paynes Find, Pinyalling. Rothsay, Wadgingarra. Warriedar. Yalgoo, Yuin.

  • Downloads of Google KML File of Historical Goldmines Locations and Production figures including alluvial and Dollied. Use it on Google Earth

  • GOLDt

  • Link to a GeoView Project for the Mining District you can open it in GeoView and explore more Detailed Information - like;

    • Native Heritage areas,
    • A Class reserves
    • Other land Uses, such as Freehold land.
    • Pastoral Lease boundaries,
    • Cadastre,
    • Different geological maps and data.
    • Wamex ( WA Mining and Exploration) reports.
    • Mines and data about gold deposits.
  • Metal Detecting WA Membership Pages Include

    When you upgrade to full Metal Detecting WA Membership you will get access to:

    • Gold Location Information for every Mining Centre in the Murchison Cue, Murchison Day Dawn, Murchison Mt Magnet and Yalgoo Mining Districts..

    • That’s around 36 Mining Centres’ with information to help you get there and target gold Locations.  

    • Location and Mud Maps to get to every Mining Centre.

    • Location of alluvial and scrape detect areas.

    • Hints on where to look for gold in the area.

    • Micro Geological maps to show you where the gold is found and geology to target.

    • Historical data and location of old gold mines to see where gold was found historically.

    • Gold Discovered by Graticular Blocks to see exactly which graticules gold was found and how much in that has been found.


    Know the Locations to Find Gold

    The truth is - finding new ground

    is the key to finding more gold.

    The Metal Detecting WA Membership Site Analyses the Whole Of WA and Its Gold Nugget Potential. Why Guess?