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Thank You for Requesting More Information

We Appreciate Your Request for More Information About The Metal Detecting WA Membership Site

We Appreciate you request to get more information about joining the Metal Detecting WA Exclusive members site and progress of its development.

By signing up you have enabled us to provide newsletters and email progress of development of this new Membership site. 

This membership was our number 1 request from our users in Goldtracker and from the Gold Prospecting in WA websites.

The site will take a while to pull together, after all there are a lot of mining districts and within them, mining localities, in WA. 

Due to the massive amount of research, creating the videos and writing the site we will create pages broken down to grouped Mining Districts and their associated Mining centres.

The first to be produced is the Murchison Mining District which includes Mt Magnet, Day Dawn, Cue and the Yalgoo Mining Districts - these alone encompass over 40 Mining centres that need to be documented.

The Murchison and Yalgoo Mining Districts have been completed and you can either get;

  • Free Information for the Mining Districts in the Free Access pages.
  • or In Depth Analyses to the Mining Centres in The Metal Detecting WA Membership Pages - Murchison and Yalgoo Districts.  

We will be building other "In Depth" pages as time permits.


Our main aim with the Metal Detecting WA Membership is to show you "Where to Find Gold Nuggets in WA".

These membership pages will do the hard yards of research, provide maps, geological analysis and locations and History of Goldfields and Goldmine Areas in WA.

So you can just target the locations you want to to find gold.

All the locations will be summarized with locational maps, GPS locations and knowledge of where gold has been found.

Thank you for allowing us to send you more information, we value your support.

Bill, Ray and Kurk


Bill O’Connor

Goldtracker Pty Ltd

"We Help You find Gold."

+61 8 423190416 to Contact Us Bill

Know the Locations to Find Gold

The truth is - finding new ground

is the key to finding more gold.

The Metal Detecting WA Membership Site Analyses the Whole Of WA and Its Gold Nugget Potential. Why Guess?